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Words cannot describe what a positive impact you made on all levels of our Sales & Marketing team at our Global Sales Kick Off this week.  Throughout the 2 days after your motivational keynote, team members were quoting learnings your talk, from everything about the importance of saying "YES" to the "rule of 21" to "FOCUS" to "Success is in the struggle" and in later sessions when a speaker asked a question, the audience's arms were raised high and straight up — you made a deep and lasting impression in speaking with us for just 90 minutes…  

Thank you for being such a wonderful mentor and for caring so deeply in people.  You inspire me. You have inspired my children for years.  Your energy is astounding.  We all feel lucky to have had the opportunity to know you.


You inspired every single one of the nearly 400 people at our conference from our new employees and young, entry-level recent college graduates to our seasoned executives!  Your energy carried forward throughout the two days and today as staff are back on the sales floor, I have noticed significantly more momentum and excitement than ever before.

Thanks again for delivering what was the greatest keynote and inspirational speech I have ever experienced!

We hope to find a way to have you come back and continue to inspire our teams moving forward…  Thank you!

Sejal Pietrzak
Chief Admin Officer & Chief of Staff
ACTIVE Network 

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