Change starts
from the inside.

You have to start with a person’s thoughts before 

you can improve skills and behaviors.

Achieve Superior Performance


Jim Brogan Consulting, a San Diego based consulting firm, enables its clients to deliver top results by transforming and developing a results attitude and results thinking into a cohesive game plan for achieving superior performance with true team alignment as fast as possible. By developing a relationship with its athletes, clients or executive teams we employ a unique focus and concentration process to work quickly through core, systemic issues to identify paths to success.

Jim Brogan Consulting

Our Philosophy


By developing and building upon individual capabilities and leadership thinking, which can be applied to any stage of an individual’s growth, results are quickly realized. This creates sustainable success via a dynamic process designed to deliver rapid and effective results that the individual and team or organization can be proud of.

Our Expertise


Since 1988, Jim Brogan has been engaging and inspiring audiences with his message of personal achievement.  His audiences have ranged from 100 to 10,000. Jim regularly speaks for a variety of leaders ranging from entry level to experienced corporate executives, business groups, colleges, sports organizations and Universities. 

"Words cannot describe what a positive impact you made on all levels of our Sales & Marketing team."

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How to book Jim for consulting

Once contracted, Jim is happy to talk with you directly to explore how he can add value to you, your executives or your meetings by tailoring his remarks to meet your objectives.  

Jim Brogan Consulting

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